Intolerance Testing

NanoSRT-logoNow Offering 2 Types of Testing!!

What is Nano SRT?
The Nano SRT Wellness System is both an assessment and therapeutic tool used by practitioners to:

  • identify those substances causing stress on the body (stressors)
  • correct your body’s response so that future exposure to those substances no longer cause a stress response

Safe and Effective
The Nano SRT is safe and effective for adults and children of all ages. The therapy is non-invasive, painless, contains no needles, shots, medication or supplements.

How does it work?
The Nano SRT System is based upon Bio-Electric (Frequency) Medicine principles that state that ALL substances, living or otherwise, possess a unique, measurable energetic frequency.

The Nano SRT’s FDA-Cleared BioFeedback System emits frequencies that are representative of these substances and records the body’s stress responses toward these frequencies. There are over 50,000 frequencies (stressors) stored in the Nano SRT proprietary database.

As baseline parameters have been scientifically established for the response toward each frequency, any reading that falls outside of these parameters indicates that the representative substance may be creating undue stress and possibly contributing toward health issues and symptoms that are currently being experienced.

The Nano SRT System provides the patient and practitioner with a report of findings indicating:

  • the substances and groups identified
  • the level of severity for each item
  • whether it is contributing toward a chronic or acute condition

The Nano SRT Focus Therapy Tool
The Nano SRT Therapy utilizes the Nano SRT Focus Therapy Tool to transmit a series of frequencies that are developed as a result of the biofeedback test, and unique to each individual. These frequencies are transmitted via an LED light to various meridian points on the body.

Nano SRT Therapy
By transferring these frequencies into the body, the Nano SRT therapy recalibrates the body’s response so that future exposure to the corresponding substances now allows the biofeedback measurements (and the body’s reactions) to fall within the acceptable parameters. Your body no longer feels overburdened or stressed by the stressors.


Biofeedback Stressor Testing (Muscle Testing)

Biofeedback Stressor Testing is a natural health screening method used to obtain information from the body to determine the energetic level of intolerance of a given stressor.

Biofeedback testing is natural, non-invasive and painless method, that even children feel comfortable with it!

Surrogate Testing

Muscle testing requires finger or arm strength and the ability to hold fingers together tight enough to “resist” the tester.

Because of the difference in strength between adults and children, we always muscle test children through another adult.

This method is non-invasive and painless and most children have a lot of fun with it!