Animal Testing and BIE

Muscle Testing “Ari” with Owner Dr. Joyce Richardson, DVM

Animals are extremely similar to humans with regards to their intolerances. Recently, I have had the opportunity to work with a couple of horses and dogs.

Working with these animals has been very exciting and rewarding.

Testing a horse/dog – this is done through the surrogate testing method. The owner is involved with this aspect, which also helps me to earn the trust of the animal.

Animal BIE – this too is also very similar to the human BIE. The acupressure points are very much like that of the human, with only a few differences. The BIE process does not harm the animal and most of the time, the animal becomes extremely relaxed and enjoys this process.



BIE Process with “Ari”


Testimonial from Dr. Joyce Richardson, DVM and Owner of “Ari” my Equine Friend

“Ari is my 15yr old thoroughbred gelding. For the past 7 years, he has been experiencing seasonal and environmental allergies which have progressed to COPD. Initially, blood allergy testing and hyposensitivity injections were given and these controlled his symptoms for 2 years. The condition worsened and, at its peak in the summer month, Ari was coughing and was only able to be ridden for short periods of time. The past 2 years, he has been managed with daily administration of steroids given via a mask and puffer. I was impressed how well his evaluation with Kate corresponded with the results achieved with his blood allergy testing. BIE has changed Ari’s life and he is like a young, energetic horse again!